The 8th meeting of Federal Textile Board was held today (on 11th October, 2018) in Textile Division, Ministry of Commerce and Textile, Islamabad. It was chaired by Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce and Textile in his capacity as Chairman of the Board. It was also attended by Federal Secretary Textile Division, Joint Secretaries Textile Division, Secretary to the board, and representatives of almost all the leading associations of textile sector. The Advisor welcomed all the participants for their interest in the meeting. Advisor highlighted the importance of the textile sector, and assured the participants that the government is cognizant of the problems faced by the industry and that steps are being taken to address them


Document HeadingDateDownload
Duty Drawback of Taxes Order 2018-21 8/10/2018 Download
STATE BANK Duty Drawback of Taxes Order 2017-18 (Textile) 8/3/2018 Download
TUF Order for textile sector 2016 4/10/2018 Download
CUSTOMS-TARIFF-2017-18 1/24/2018 Download
Partial Modification DDT 2017-2018 12/28/2017 Download
DUTY DRAWBACK OF TAXES ORDER 2017-18 12/12/2017 Download
Custom-tarrif-2016-17 11/16/2017 Download
DDT Notification 2017-18 10/23/2017 Download
Duty Draw Back of Taxes 2016-17 1/24/2017 Download
DLTL notification 2016-17 11/18/2016 Download
Lung Disease for textile workers 1/1/2016 Download
Multitex Project 1/1/2016 Download
DLTL notification 2015-16 9/11/2015 Download
Chinese Request list textiles FTA Phase11 8/27/2015 Download
Cotton Standardization Rules, 2007.pdf 4/15/2015 Download
SRO CSF - I 4/15/2015 Download
SRO CSF - II 4/15/2015 Download
Cotton Standardization (Amendment) Act 2009.doc 4/15/2015 Download
Textile Policy 2014-19 2/23/2015 Download
Tender for Lahore PCCC 12/24/2014 Download
DLTL Incremental Notification 12/3/2014 Download
EU training in pakistan in november 10/17/2014 Download
job application form 9/11/2014 Download
Job Advertisement 9/11/2014 Download
Alliance Meeting Presentation 8/19/2014 Download
Accord on Bangladesh Safety 8/19/2014 Download
Bangladesh US Alliance Member Agreement Final 8/19/2014 Download
Bangladesh US Alliance Bylaws Final 8/19/2014 Download
Top 5 importers of the world of HS-610910 5/2/2014 Download
International Market of Male Cotton Woven trouser 3/28/2014 Download
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