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All the forms are processed and verified on first-come, first-serve basis as per the token list. Usual time is 10-12 working days, however can increase due to load of applications. The forms which have been checked and have not been verified are either pending due to non-compliance to Cotton Cess Act 1923 or Ordinance No.11 of 1983 regarding levy of textile cess. Another reason can be that there is a minor mistake in your form and that is why your token has been kept alive and a soft email has been sent to your contact email address for removal of that error. Please check your email. For clarification you can always call at 051-9212351 or 051-9212352.

Relaxation is given to the industry who have machinery shipment on port and have shared verified copy of BL along with application that there is risk of demurrage costs. The relaxation is just to facilitate, however, industry is recommended to apply on time.

Please join WhatsApp group for resolution of complaints Whatsapp group of rdacell for MANAGER IT

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