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Market Intelligence Reports

Document HeadingDateDownload
Chinese Request list textiles FTA Phase11 8/27/2015 Download
Cotton Standardization Rules, 2007.pdf 4/15/2015 Download
Cotton Standardization (Amendment) Act 2009.doc 4/15/2015 Download
Textile Policy 2014-19 2/23/2015 Download
Job Advertisement 9/11/2014 Download
Accord on Bangladesh Safety 8/19/2014 Download
Bangladesh US Alliance Member Agreement Final 8/19/2014 Download
Bangladesh US Alliance Bylaws Final 8/19/2014 Download
Top 5 importers of the world of HS-610910 5/2/2014 Download
International Market of Male Cotton Woven trouser 3/28/2014 Download
Site Di Vita - Event 9/26/2013 Download
Site Di Vita 2013 9/26/2013 Download
MOC Committees on India paper for reference 3/23/2012 Download
Report: Pakistan-China Free Trade Agreement - Analysis on Textiles and Clothing 2/24/2009 Download
Report: Investment in Imported Textile Machinery 2002-07 1/13/2009 Download
Report: Analysis of R&D Scheme 1/13/2009 Download
Import Profile: China 11/26/2008 Download
Export Profile: Turkey 11/22/2008 Download
Export Profile: Bangladesh 11/22/2008 Download
Export Profile: India 11/22/2008 Download
Export Profile: Pakistan 11/22/2008 Download
Export Profile: China 11/22/2008 Download
Import Profile: Japan 11/22/2008 Download
Import Profile: Russia 11/22/2008 Download
Import Profile: Germany 11/22/2008 Download
Import Profile: USA 11/22/2008 Download