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     Important Instructions

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Read the following instructions carefully before filling the registration form
  • Please download the dummy form from here for reference. Keep in mind the dummy form is just for reference , it will not be accepted if filled and sent to the ministry.
  • The registration with the ministry is not linked to any one particular incentive / initiative.
  • Please provide complete information of your company. No columns should be left unfilled.
  • In case of any query, please contact 051-9212351,051-9216008 for quick response.
  • Please send verified printed form attested by DGTO registered Textile association(s) at TEXTILE DIVISION (Ministry of Commerce and Textile), 5th Floor, Kohsar Block, Pak. Secretariat, Islamabad
  • Registration process will start after receipt of verified printed form verified by Textile association (s)/ Chamber of Commerce & Industry along with copies of NTN, GST, EOBI,SS,Association/Chamber membership certificate.
  • The approved certificate will only be issued to units which have provided complete documents and have compliance to the pre-requisites as mentioned below:
    • The unit should be a textile industry.
    • The unit should have a valid NTN and should be an active tax payer.
    • The unit should be registered with Employees Old Benefit Institution and relevant provincial employees’ social security institute under relevant laws of the land.
    • The unit should be paying textile cess if (spinning or weaving unit).
    • The form should be signed by the owner of the company and should have copies of NTN, GST, EOBI, SS and association membership verified by the relevant association/chamber.
    The certificates will be send to the association/chamber concerned.
  • Provisionally alloted ID members will have to complete the fully corrected online form to get the final accepted ID.
  • There are no charges/fees linked to registration with the Ministry of Commerce (Textile Wing) or its renewal.

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