Abdul Razak Dawood was the Founder of Descon, which is involved in Engineering and Construction, Chemicals, Power and Inspection. He graduated in Mining Engineering from Newcastle University UK and in 1968 obtained his Master degree in Business Administration from Columbia University, NYC, USA

USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity

Business Development Services (BDS) Support
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Textile Sector
(on cost-share basis)

USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) project is implementing business development support (BDS) activities designed to facilitate growth and enhance productivity in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The project is focused on helping small businesses by addressing challenges to business growth, sales/exports, access to markets, product development, quality control and compliance, IT/ICT development and digitization, and skilled workforce. SMEA will provide with support (subsidizing up to 50% of the fees) to acquire business development services from competent service providers.

SMEA will focus on the following business segments under Textile sector:

  1. Garment/Made-ups (Industrial) Manufacturer/Exporter
  2. Garment/Made-ups Cut, Make and Trim (CMT) Unit
  3. Commercial Exporter
  4. Boutique/Retailers
  5. Weaving Unit
  6. Knitting
  7. Processing
  8. Embroidery Stand alone
  9. Other textiles (excluding spinning)
  Download the detailed EOI from Here
  Posted on:9/17/2018  
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